These upcoming changes in the blind industry will open the door to the end of cords on all products.  As of now, the first products to lose cords will be the cutdown products that are sold at big box stores.  These are already being pulled from stock, and being replaced with cordless or lift and lock systems.

At this point the only shades allowed to be made with cords are purely custom made-to-order blinds.  These are allowed because it is understood that if a homeowner is custom ordering a product they have a distinct need for a corded shade, but these products will still have child safety locks on the cords.  These child locks are often missing on the cutdown products that are for sale at the box stores.

But, it does look like by 2020 there is a strong possibly that cords will not be an option on any product.  This is going to require a lot of change in both the blind industry and the customers expectations.

One current effect of this new law is that any homeowner who is looking to sell their home with any kind of blind or shades with cords on them will have to disclose this fact because it is a massive liability to the party selling the home.  There are a few cases of children dying from cords and the new homeowners sued the previous owners, the realtor, home builder, blind company, blind maker, home inspector- basically anyone who touched the house at any point in the deal or before the deal.  Make sure this does not happen to you!  Disclose the fact that your shades have cords, or even replace the shades with a cordless product before selling the home.