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Home Automation

With the ever growing drive to make everything in the home talk to each other, whether it be Alexa or Google Home, we all have a growing list of home items that take advantage of these smart assistances. Well, now that has come to the blind industry, and we are able to add a smart [...]

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Commercial Quotes and Installs

Colorado Springs Custom Blinds & Shutters offers commercial services to anyone doing new builds or even just remodeling.  We can match our services to the job's need.  This can range from a turn key experience in which we do everything from measuring, bidding, installing, and billing the whole job all the way down to just [...]

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Thinking of Remodeling? Or Just Need an Update?

When starting down the road of a remodel it can get very overwhelming very fast.  There are so many things to pick out and do.  And that's just the stuff you plan for! It never fails that there are items and rooms added to any remodeling job that you would never expect. Well, we can [...]

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Cell Shades That Won’t Break the Bank

There is one product that comes to mind when shopping for blinds that will be an affordable price, and that has historically been faux wood blinds.  But, we are happy to say that is starting to change.  We have a great addition to the budget product category, cell shades. Cell shades (aka Honeycomb shades) [...]

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Law Changes for Child Safety, What it Means for You- ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2018

These upcoming changes in the blind industry will open the door to the end of cords on all products.  As of now, the first products to lose cords will be the cutdown products that are sold at big box stores.  These are already being pulled from stock, and being replaced with cordless or lift [...]

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Plantation shutters Dallas TX – Smashing O’Hair Shutters

Plantation shutters Dallas TX - Smashing shutters, Mike shows how O'Hair Shutters take the heat Here we show the differences between well-built shutters and cheaply made ones with extreme prejudice. Mike rains down some serious hurt on three different shutter panels to show how each hold up. To learn more about how O'Hair shutters measure [...]

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Rebuilding Black Forest, rethinking privacy

Rebuilding Black Forest, rethinking privacy As more houses are going up on Black Forest there is another issue that no one is use to. This issue is privacy, before the fire we did not see our neighbors homes, we felt like we had no one around us. So there was no need for blinds, because [...]

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The importance of doing business with an insured company

The importance of doing business with an insured company Insurance is something that most people don't think about until its to late. But why should a customer make sure a company they are ordering from has insurance? Well what happens when the nice big screen TV you ordered get damaged in the back of the [...]

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