Project Description

Roller Shades – Colorado Springs Custom Blinds & Shutters

These shades are the ideal choice for people looking to customize every little detail in their home. With almost unlimited options for colors, patterns, and designs, roller shades can be a versatile solution for every window in your home.

Why should you choose roller shades?

They are easy to customize. With many available colors and patterns, roller shades are an excellent option for any room. Whether it’s your kitchen, your home office, or your children’s bedroom, you’ll be able to find a design that works perfectly with your space. You can select and upgrade the materials based on your needs. You can choose either fabric or vinyl with various levels of opacity. So if you want a light that enters your room filtered, darkened, or completely blocked out, you can easily pick the option. Various automation and safety features make roller shades an excellent option for children’s room or an entire smart home.

They are very low maintenance. Depending on the material, all they need is a quick wiping or vacuuming, and they’ll be clean like the day you bought them.