Project Description

Vertical Blinds – Colorado Springs Custom Blinds & Shutters

Vertical blinds are the most common and practical choice for patio and sliding glass doors.  They are made of various materials with one common trait, durability. No matter if you choose faux wood, fabric, or PVC, this type of blinds is very easy to match the design of your interior.

Why should you choose vertical blinds?

They are very customizable. The variety of colors combined with available materials and textures give you a wide array of options for your interior design projects. And once you include the stack placement options, the combinations become limitless.

Practicality. Most commonly used for patio doors, sliding doors, and large glass panels, this type of blinds is popular because it’s low maintenance. Depending on the material, they only require either quick wiping or vacuuming, and they are as good as new.