Commercial Quotes and Installs

Colorado Springs Custom Blinds & Shutters offers commercial services to anyone doing new builds or even just remodeling.  We can match our services to the job’s need.  This can range from a turn key experience in which we do everything from measuring, bidding, installing, and billing the whole job all the way down to just filling in the missing piece’s that you need such as onsite measurements to install services.  We understand that so many companies bid on jobs that are out of state and thus sometimes end up winning a job but have no way of completing it.  We are here to help, we have done it all and can provide references of completed work.

Colorado Springs Custom Blinds & Shutters carries all of the needed insurance for any size of job. We can also scale up our team as needed to meet any deadline.

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  1. As a commercial and residential licensed interior designer in Colorado, it’s been difficult to find high quality and excellent service in a window blinds company. Colorado Springs Custom Blinds & Shutters has assisted my company with multiple installations that have been perfectly completed and installed in the shortest time possible—AND with impeccable customer service. I highly recommend them for any commercial or residential window cover need. Thank you CS Custom Blinds & Shutters!


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