Insurance is something that most people don’t think about until its to late. But why should a customer make sure a company they are ordering from has insurance?

Well what happens when the nice big screen TV you ordered get damaged in the back of the delivery truck on the way to your house? Well if the company does not have the correct insurance it would not be covered. Then the company would have to pay out of pocket to replace it. This is when most people run into the delays, and streams of excuses as to why their TV is not replaced.
But in the case of contractors coming into your home, its a little more complicated. Sure you want to make sure that if your order gets damaged on the way to your home that its covered and will be replaced. But lets talk about why you would want people in your home who are covered by insurance. What happens when a window is broken? or a tool falls and shatters a table? A well run company will have the proper insurance to cover these things. They will also have coverage on the workers in your home, in case they fall or are hurt.

In short insurance is something we don’t think about until its to late, but when it comes to your home pick a contractor who has thought of insurance and will not wait until its too late.