SolarVue Cordless Roller Shades combine both beauty and function. This quiet and slow rising system controls the shade as it lifts to the top, leaving the shade safely in position.

Crafted attractively, the Cordless Roller Shade blocks light from outside, which makes it ideal for any room in the house.

Cordless shades offer three distinct benefits.

1st – They are easy to operate – just push up to raise and pull down to lower

2nd – No cord provides a clean and orderly look.

3rd – They eliminate lift cords which means increased safety for children and pets.

Why Use Cordless?

Cordless shades are a popular choice for many reasons. Not only do they provide added safety for homes with children and pets, the cordless operation means no dangling cords that can pose an entanglement or disordered look. Cordless shades are a safe choice not only for childrens’ rooms but throughout the house – remember that a fully opened blind will have a long hanging cord.

However, safety isn’t the only reason to choose a cordless shade – recent innovations in window treatment design and apparatuses mean more window shade styles. No messy cords mean a more attractive appearance in a wide variety of fabric choices.

How They Work

A cordless shade typically operates by gently pushing up or pulling down on the bottom rail of the shade; you can then place the shade to any height you desire. For this reason, it’s important to make sure you will be able to reach as high or as low as you will need to position your blind.

Mounting Options

This shade is suitable for inside, outside or ceiling mount placement. Although ceiling mount applications will most likely require a dust cover valance to eliminate any light gaps and will add a delicate finishing touch.

If you are looking for a stylish window treatment that is economically inexpensive, easy to operate and more importantly child safe, then this is definitely the shade you will want to investigate further.