Almost every home builder has a large list of add on’s that the consumer can add to their home, and in turn add the cost to the total mortgage.
But we are going to look at what the real cost of adding blinds to the mortgage really cost. For this example we are going to assume the blinds for the whole house will total $2500.00, and the mortgage interest rate will be 4.5%.

Cost of blinds $2500.00

Interest rate 4.5%

Total cost for a 30 year mortgage is $4560.00

Remember that the total interest for any home loan (even car loans) is front loaded into the payment schedule, meaning that the interest is the first thing paid off.

Even if the cost of blinds are added into the loan, and a few months down the road a payment is made on the loan in the amount of the blinds, it does not matter, the interest has already been added for the term of the loan. The consumer is better off to pay for blinds out right, or even pay on a credit card and pay it off in less than a year.

Builders seem to be charging more for their blind services then what the consumer can get from any private party company in the area. So keep that in mind when the builder tries to sell all these extas, and tries to sell the idea of bundling the cost into the mortgage.