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Exterior Screen Shades Colorado Springs

As summer heat hits Colorado, getting your home ready for insects, intense UV rays, and unpredictable weather can be overwhelming. However, there’s an easy solution: exterior solar screens. These screens provide significant benefits, improving your home’s look and protecting it from summer’s harsh conditions. They work like large blinds on the outside of windows or can cover spaces like patios and decks.

Our Colorado Springs Solar Screens

Our exterior solar screens offer efficiency, privacy, and aesthetic improvement. They are customized for each home to provide the best sun control and outdoor comfort.

  • Motorized Solar Screens
  • Zip tracks for bug protection
  • Cable guides for high-wind areas

Why Should You Choose Outdoor/Exterior Solar Shades for Sun Control?

Exterior solar screens for windows block the sun’s rays. They reduce the heat gain by up to 80% compared to interior shades which can only reduce heat by up to 40%. Exterior sunscreens also reduce glare, making it easier on your eyes. Also, they filter out more light before it gets inside, while interior sunscreens may let some glare through depending on the fabric and sunlight’s angle.

Exterior Screen Shades - Colorado Springs

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Block the Harsh Sun, Not the View

Solar screen fabrics are key for sun protection while keeping a clear view. The amount of sun they block depends on their openness factor; fabrics with a more open mesh let you see more but protect less against the sun. Exterior rolling sunscreens improve daytime privacy from the outside and block the sun effectively. A mesh openness of 3% or less makes it hard to see inside from the outside, increasing sun protection and privacy. 

If interior lights are on at night, visibility into the home can go up. This can be reduced by putting an external light above the screen, which creates a reflection that blocks the view into the house. Interior sunscreens with very open mesh fabrics might allow some visibility from the outside, and how well they work depends on the material used.

Benefits Of Outdoor Sun Screens


Unprotected windows cause 57%-63% of energy loss in buildings, making homes more expensive. In hot months, costs go up due to increased indoor heat. Homeowners use outdoor solar window shades to block sun’s heat and save energy. Installing these shades can save 33%-45% of energy, especially during summer. They stop the sun’s harmful UV rays from entering the home, keeping it cooler without air conditioning. This means cooler homes, lower bills, and energy savings.

Increased Privacy

Custom solar screens for windows add beauty to your home and improve privacy. The mesh allows you to see outside while reducing how much neighbors can see. Your shades can almost block the view into your windows or enclosed spaces from a distance, offering more privacy. There are several different types of solar shades to choose from. Go for blackout screens for more privacy. Darker shades provide more privacy and match your home’s look. Lighter shades deflect the sun’s rays. The sun’s reflection makes it hard for people to see your living spaces. 

Curb Appeal

Outdoor shades look good and help your home stand out. They are easily seen from a distance and add a modern touch to your property. Most outdoor shades come in neutral colors that fit well with your home’s design. When choosing shades, you can pick colors that match your home’s exterior or add some interior colors outside. You can choose sun shades that complement your siding or introduce new colors to your outdoor areas. Outdoor shading is a great way to style your property the way you want.

Protection from Insects

The strong solar window screen shade material blocks insects. Its mesh design keeps your lawn view clear while protecting you from bugs. This makes outdoor lounging comfortable without the worry of bites or stings. The shade adds a layer of protection, preventing insects from entering through windows. Patio shades reduce swarming bugs in outdoor areas. They have zipper side closures for weather protection and keeping insects out. Zipping the shades shuts off access to bugs. Enjoy your summer outside in the breeze, free from bug bites.

Why Choose Exterior Screens From CS Custom Blinds?

Colorado Springs Custom Blinds & Shutters is a family-owned business with over ten years of experience serving our local community. We offer customizable solutions to meet your needs, including different fabrics, frames, and hardware to fit any budget. Our commitment to excellent customer service starts from the first meeting to the final installation. Our design experts work closely with you to make your vision a reality. Our in-house installers ensure precise and careful work, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

We are more than just a service provider; we are part of the community, committed to improving your home and lifestyle.

Exterior Shades Colorado Springs


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