As more houses are going up on Black Forest there is another issue that no one is use to. This issue is privacy, before the fire we did not see our neighbors homes, we felt like we had no one around us. So there was no need for blinds, because privacy was not an issue and who would want to give up a view? Well those days are gone, sad to say. Now as we see homes going up around our former home, we see so many homes that we never know were there. Granted there is a great view of the mountains now, but also there is a great view of the homes all around us.

Since most of us never had a need for blinds before, the question is what kind of blinds do we put in? Well there are a few options, but even with the trees gone there is still a great view that no one wants to lose. Also we now have to think about more direct light, we always had nice light and that was part of the reason we loved it in Black Forest. Only now we wont have the nice trees to shade us during the hot summers.

The products that would be the best fit for anyone who is rebuilding and wants to keep as much of the view and feel they had before the fire are Cell Shades with the top down option, or Roller Roman Shades. The Roller Roman Shades are going to be the best at giving the most amount of light, and view, while making you feel private in your home. Cell Shades are going to be great for maximizing the privacy and also the hot/cold coming from the windows.

Both options are going to be easy on the wallet and make your home feel great.

We have a wide range of colors, and other products. But coming from someone who did not have anything on our windows before we lost our home and place of business in the fire. We understand it can be hard to try to think of what would be the best option to get back to the look and feel the forest gave us before the fire. Lets face it we all want to get back to “normal” as soon and as fast as we can.

We can help.