Cordless And Lift & Lock Systems

With the move away from cords, the two main replacement lift systems are Cordless and Lift & Lock systems.  Both systems have their place and use, so let’s jump in and get some idea of what these are.

What Are Cordless Blinds?

Cordless blinds are becoming increasingly popular for their convenience and safety. Unlike traditional window coverings, cordless blinds do not require the use of cords to operate. Instead, they are designed with a hidden mechanism that lifts, lowers and adjusts the slats with just a gentle push or pull. This makes them ideal for high-traffic areas in any Colorado home because there is no risk of kids or pets getting tangled up in cords. Cordless window coverings also provide superior levels of light control, privacy, and energy efficiency compared to traditional blinds, making them perfect for any room in your Colorado Springs home.

How Do Cordless Blinds Systems Work?

Cordless is simple, it’s a system that has no outside cords, meaning everything is inside the blind so there is no way to get hung up in them.  Cordless is a great option because it offers a smooth lift system that is easy to move.  You simply grab the bottom of the shade and push or pull to the desire level and let go.  The shade will hold at that position until you push or pull again.  This system does have weight limitations so it’s normally only used on cell shades, but its also coming to faux wood lines, and a version of it is available in roller shades.

The nice thing about this system is if a window is taller than your reach there is the option to use a pole to extend your reach and make cordless useable on tall windows.  Also, with cordless you do not need to be dead center on the shade to operate it.  It’s recommended that you are, but not required.

Lift & Lock Shade System

Lift & Lock is the new system that will be replacing strings on most off the self cutdown products that are found in big box stores.  Lift & Lock is like cordless but with a parking break.   Meaning that you have to push a button to unlock the shade and then pull or push to the desired location and let go, thus setting the parking break on the shade.  This system is nice because it allows for larger sizes and more weight.  But there are some similar downsides to Lift & Lock and Cordless, for example the size and location of the window can be a limiting factor.  The reach of the customer can limit the use of this system.

Unlike Cordless there is no option to use a pole to control this product.  And lastly, the Lift & Lock button is always centered on the bottom of the shade, again, making it difficult if it’s behind a couch or other obstacles.  These factors are always taken into account when we are looking at a window and recommending a lift system.  There are always a few windows that we need to change the lift system on because of these issues.  We joke that’s where the “custom” part of our name comes in!

Cell Shade Lift & Lock

Similarities Between the Two

The debate between which cordless blinds system is best can be a difficult one to navigate. However, understanding the similarities between different systems can help you to make an informed decisions. Cordless Blinds Systems and Lift & Lock Systems both provide a convenient way of adjusting light levels and controlling privacy in your home without the need for dangling cords. Both also ensure child-safe operation, as removing any potential hazards posed by conventional pull cords is very important.

The two systems work differently however. With Cordless Blinds System, cordless options are available by using lift tapes or operating rods that tilt the slats together, allowing increased light levels and view-through when raised fully open. Lift & Lock systems simply pull up from the bottom rail which in turn lifts all of the slats into one position at the same time; a single rod pulls down on top to unlock for easier adjustments. Ultimately, both provide a cordless blind operation available in many materials and styles providing an ideal aesthetic as well as functionality for any Colorado Springs interior window treatment!

Both of these products are approved under the new child safety rules that go into effect December 15th 2018.

Faux Wood Lift & Lock


Are cordless blinds worth it?

Investing in a set of cordless blinds can be a smart move for many consumers. Not only do they offer an aesthetically pleasing look, but they also provide an extra level of safety for those with kids or pets in their home. Cordless blinds prevent entanglement and strangulation, making them much more reliable and less dangerous than window coverings with cords. They also remove the nuisance of tangled cords so you don’t have to struggle to raise and lower window treatments on a regular basis.

Finally, because no cords are present, cordless blinds create a clean and clutter-free look that can enhance the overall appearance of any room. Whether you’re upgrading an existing space or just looking for something new, cordless blinds have plenty to offer in terms of ease, function and style.

How do you lift blinds without a cord?

Lifting blinds without a cord can be a difficult task, but it is definitely possible. Manual roller shades and vertical blinds are the easiest to lift without a cord because they can generally be pulled up and down with a finger tab or loop. If you have slat type fabric blinds (such as pleated or cellular shades) or aluminum mini-blinds, you’ll likely need to install an almost invisible, spring loaded wand control mechanism that allows the blinds to be opened and closed easily. To avoid any safety risks of cords strangling small children and pets, these control systems are available for most types of window treatments and make lifting your blinds worry-free.

Do cordless blinds last longer?

When considering a new set of window treatments, many people wonder if cordless blinds last longer than traditional ones. The answer is an unequivocal YES! Not only do cordless blinds last longer, but they also offer enhanced safety, convenience and relief from the mess of tangled cords that often accompany traditional models. With cordless blinds, there’s no risk of entanglement or strangulation, which makes them a great choice for homes with small children or pets.

They are also incredibly easy to operate – no cords means greater versatility in lifting and lowering shades as well as opening and closing slats. On top of all the added features, cordless blinds come with the same durability you’d expect from any quality product. In short, these window treatments provide increased peace of mind both now and in the future!