New year, new cell shade options

New year, new cell shade options

At this time every year our vendors start to roll out their product updates. This can be anything from small changes to available color options, to NEW AMAZING things. Well this year is one of those years we get our hands on something truly amazing!!.

Norman has brought out a new Cell Shade program, adding a few new colors, but whats really exciting is the addition of;

Specialty Shapes

Cordless Top Down, Bottom Up

Day/Night Shade

First the specialty shapes may not sound like much, but Norman has been doing specialty shapes for years in their shutter line, now they bring that experience to cell shades. With that experience they also bring an amazing price point. No longer will that odd shaped window cost you and arm and leg! Their experience also allows us to not need a template to be made and sent off for most special window shapes, this reduces the build time by 2 weeks.

For some reason Norman has not had a cordless Top down Bottom up option in their cell shade line. But this year they have added it, this is exciting since we now have the full range of control options available to us. But whats really nice about Normans design that we feel sets it apart from our other manufacturers is the fact that Norman has put a magnet system on their cell shades.

What does this do? and why should you care? Well with any cordless Top down, Bottom up system the top does not always fit tight, this problem can become a real issue when dealing with large windows. Norman use of magnets allows that top rail to not only go up to the head rail, but it snaps in place, with a strong fit. It insures a tight, gap-less fit in windows of any size. Also it stops that down ward creep that tends to happen when only the bottom is pulled down, sometimes its pulled to far and the top creeps down a bit.

The last product is called a Day/Night cell shade, best way to describe this shade is two types of blinds on one shade. The Day fabric is a sheer, its very light woven material, that hardly blocks the light, the second fabric can be a light filtering or even a black out cell shade fabric. The idea is that if you need black out in your bed room but would also like to let some light in, well this gives you both options at a great price.

We do hope that latter this year they allow the option to pick a light filtering fabric over the sheer for the day section of the blind. But as it is now its a great option for a baby’s room or even a bed room.

This is the only example of a Day/Night Shade we can find at this time.
Day/Night light filtering as well as cordless operation. 2 shades in one!