Now we know you can clean a lot of the items in your house but the question is what do you do with your blinds? Well the first question I would ask; is how old are the blinds? and what kind are they? These questions will help you make a clear decision about if cleaning them is a smarter way to go, or should you just replace them since they are old, or in some cases have been exposed to high heat due to the fire narrowly missing your property.

Heat on any window covering can not only damage the window itself, but will damage the blinds. You will see some discoloration or even in some cases sagging. These are sure signs that your blinds have been exposed to high heat and should be replacedMédée movie trailer

If you are having your windows replaced due to the fire, it would be smart to replace your blinds as well. One reason is if it was hot enough to affect your window, it did affect your blinds. It may not show right away, but if you do not look into it now you may find you will have to open a second claim to get them covered. Second, if your windows have to be replaced and reframed your blinds will not fit.