As we deal with the black forest fire damage we have started to quickly find out what companies and resources are out there to help you and not take advantage of your situation or lack of knowledge.

Frank Castellano at PregioHomes (719-492-1507) has been great. They not only have experience with the waldo canyon fire, but the company owner lost his house in that fire. They are more than helpful with any question you have and are on your side when it comes to battling the insurance companies. They are not high pressure, and are one of the only builders who are not sending out mailers to everyone in the forest. They are depending solely on word of mouth. If you are looking to rebuild your home give them a call and let Frank make a bid for you. You won’t regret it.

Ted at RB Excavating and Demolition (719-641-6168) is one of the best guys out there. His bids are very clear and have very extensive breakdowns of what your cleanup will cost. He has been there for us with every step of our clean up. He will not low ball your clean up only to latter hit you with a higher price once the project starts.

Ty Fay at Precious Metal Converter (303-325-3076) is a valuable resource when it comes to finding out what to do with your melted gold or silver. He will even help you figure out if it is silver. He is one of the best in the business he pays top end prices and is not out to take advantage of anyone. He will even drive down to meet you in Colorado Springs to discuss your options. Did you have coins that were in the fire? Definitely call Ty, he will tell you how to clean them without further damaging them.

More to come…….