We are happy to announce that we have just added a new item to our product line up. We can now have Logos or even your favorite sports team logo printed on most products. Such as cell shades, and roller shades. We can also have custom pictures (wedding photos, vacation photos) printed on these lines as well. We can also order roller shades for you store front that will have your logo business name printed on them.

We also now offer a limited amount of floral pattern prints in cell shades. We also can have a cell shade fade from dark to light. In about any color you would like. All these options will set your home apart from anyone on the block. And is an amazing option for anyone who is a inter designer.

Also coming soon we will be able to have all the Disney characters printed on any product as well.

Look for pictures of all these new options to be posted to a new photo gallery. We will update this blog with a direct link to the new gallery when we have it up and running.