There are 4 key things to consider before getting a blind repaired.

1. Is the manufacture of the blind still in business?

2. How old is the blind?

3. How much did the blind cost new? What would it cost to just replace it?

4. What kind of blind is it? Cell Shade, Faux Wood, Roman?

If you take the blind down you will find some kind of sticker on the inside of the head rail. This sticker will tell you who sold the blind, and should have a date printed on it as well.  This is information you can use as a starting point to answer the first 4 questions.

If the blind is 5-10 years old the odd of getting a repair starts to go down, if the blind is over 10 years old you will be better off just replacing it.  This is due to parts may not be the same, the company might have changed styles, closed, or was bought out.  Plus consider that even if its the strings or something simple that needs to be replaced on a blind that’s over 10 years old will start to suffer from sun fading.  if its a cell shade this might even extend to the material starting to come apart, or the edges start to crumple.  These things can not be replaced short of building a new blind.  If its a Faux wood or real wood blind and something like a slat breaks remember that you could really notice the difference when you look at the new slat verse the originals that are faded from the sun and just plain wear from use.

Parts are the big issue when repairing a blind.  Most places don’t stock parts they order them from the factory as they are needed.  This is a good business model but when the factory discontinues or changes styles of a particular part you are not able to find a shop with some of the old ones still in stock.

Also consider that if your having a problem with one blind and you have the same blinds that are the same age.  You might as well figure you will soon have the same problem with the others.  The only exception to this statement is if you have one blind you always open and close.  Best example is most people tend to use the blinds more in areas such as kitchens, then they would in say a guest room.  So then the kitchen blind would give out far sooner then the one in the guest room that might be used a few times a year.

Most blind companies wont or cant repair blinds that are not from the brands they are dealers for.  This is due to most if not all manufactures will not even consider repairing any product that does not have their name on it.  So if the blind company is not a dealer they will most likely turn you away.  If they do take the blind be aware that as a blind dealer, if they don’t have an account with a company and want a repair done they will do it but  will be charged double of what the cost would have been if the dealer had an account with that company.  That double cost is then passed on to you the customer.  Combine this fact with any additional cost such as shipping, labor, or service calls and you can quickly get a price tag that would be close to a replacement cost.

The last option you may have is to contact the manufacture directly your self.  This only is an option if the company is still around.  This can be not only costly but can require a lot of leg work on your end.

We hope that this post will really help anyone who is looking to get a repair done.  And they will use the info to help decide if a repair is the best way to go and hopefully end up saving them a lot of time and headache.