Top 5 Curtains and Blinds Design Trends in 2021

Maximalist, colorful, and natural. These are three fundamental principle curtains and blinds design trends in 2021, guiding interior design trends this year, with nature being the central focus. Wood, glass, stone, and natural fabrics almost entirely pushed out synthetic and plastic. Mindful designs and eco-friendly materials cater to our need for well-balanced and sustainable living. These are the top five trends that have shaped up so far in 2021 that we believe will stick around.

1. Natural materials

From wooden blinds to cotton and linen curtains, natural materials are dominating in 2021. The past year gave us enough time to rethink our relationship with the environment and start appreciating nature. As a result, this year the majority of the materials used in interior design have their natural texture, especially when it comes to wood and fabric. Wood blinds, eclipse shutters, and woven wood shades fit perfectly in this category.

2. Liberty Prints

Floral prints are definitely sticking around this season. These small-scale floral patterns became popular in London during the 1920s. They might be a century old now, but the colors and designs are as fresh as ever. You can find floral, plant, and abstract patterns in a wide range of bold color combinations. For example, liberty prints go perfectly well with roman shades helping you achieve a timeless classical look in your home.

3. Bold and earthy colors

The dominant colors of the 2021 palette are earthy tones like warm greens, soft olive, golden beige, deep reds, terracotta, burnt orange, stone gray, and metallic bronze, copper, and gold. However, the palette also extends to more contrasting and bold choices, which invite optimism and cheerfulness. So you can see a lot of peacock blue, may tulip yellow, and emerald green.

4. Tropical and geometric prints

Those who love colorful, maximalist look tropical and strong geometric patterns are the trendy items this season. Giant tropical plant leaves and flowers or geometric patterns in bold and contrasting colors give any well-planned space an eclectic charm. If you are still looking for a perfect pattern for your roller shades, consider these styles an option.

This style of pattern works exceptionally well for accent windows. The key is to find the color and the design that will match.

5. Two-color combos

The key here is to find either two contrasting hues of the same color or two contrasting colors and layer the room with different shades of those two colors while cutting the space with accent pieces. The most popular color combinations this season are gray and yellow, sea green and cream, as well as caramel and terracotta.