What’s in and what’s out in terms of home design for 2022?

What better way to usher in the new year than with a fresh start in a new location? We can’t help but wonder what the following 12 months hold in store as we enter 2022. Our thoughts are turning to how we can bring the newest trends into our living spaces, given the time we’ve been spending at home. Our personal spaces should be a reflection of our own particular style, yet keeping up with the latest trends can be a refreshing change.

What’s in store for our homes in the near future? Some of the most anticipated trends for the upcoming year were provided by a number of designers. Despite a wide range of reactions, one thing is for certain: 2022 is going to be a highly fashionable year.


Hues of chocolate that are both sexy and sophisticated

Zandy Gammons and Liles Dunnigan of Miretta Interiors in Raleigh, North Carolina, say, “We have been seeing a lot of clients embracing rich chocolate browns and lighter camel colors for their interiors.” “This includes paint, finishes, and soft furnishings like pillows and linens. The oversaturation of grays is being countered with these softer tones, which make a room feel cozier. Many people have grown tired of seeing gray-colored interiors everywhere they look. Choosing a shade of chocolate browns instead of gray, which appears to be the color of choice for practically every ‘cookie cutter’ new build, feels more special and individual.”

Kitchens in the Dark

As Stacey points out, “kitchens have altered dramatically in the last five years—and darker and moodier colors will become even more fashionable.” “The kitchen is a great place to experiment with these colors in paint starting with the walls, custom blinds, the kitchen furniture, etc. . Leathered stones like granites, marbles, and quartzites are my favorite! In both a positive and a negative way, the matte and somewhat rough texture hides imperfections. However, it’s perfect for folks like myself who don’t have the time or inclination to constantly clean their countertops. In 2022, these commodities are expected to be in high demand.”


What color will the interior be in 2022?

The revitalizing properties of nature will be brought inside with a fresh-forest of verdant colors in 2022, the year of green supreme. It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to maintain a balance between their digital and physical lives, therefore they are searching for a more true connection to nature in their homes.

The color of the year for Etsy is Emerald green as well.

“Emerald green is the perfect color to inspire us to find balance this year,” says Dayna Isom Johnson, an Etsy trend specialist. Shopping for emerald green items is up 64%* and for emerald green decor is up 60%*, so this color is already popular. It’s also easy to incorporate into current design, as this rich and calming color goes well with a wide range of other popular color schemes, such as neutral earth tones and luxurious golds and silvers.

Beyond the Colors of the Spectrum

Injecting new life into interiors, sea to sky infinities-inspired transforming colors provide a light and airy feel to any space. Blue baths and bedrooms, in particular, benefit from the calming effects of soothing blues. When it comes to blue, there are a variety of hues to select from. Walls painted in electric blue provide a dramatic effect, while those painted in cooler tones have an industrial feel.

French paint colorist Francesca Wezel, who is known for her love of blue, explains: ‘Blue is the color of the oceans and the sky, it roots and relates us to our environment.’ It’s a versatile color that may be used in any room. There are no limits to the possibilities it offers, and it adds a gleam and a smile to any room.

 lighter camel colors for their interiors







Is the modern farmhouse design going out of style in 2022 or will it remain popular?

Nope. However, just because it’s popular doesn’t mean you’re out of date if you like the aesthetic, and the same goes for those who have already decorated their homes in the farmhouse style. If the farmhouse is yours, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t own it.

At the same time, all types of interior design are subject to change and modification. Trends come and go, even in the most conservative of decors. As if that wasn’t bad enough, white kitchens are now considered a little tired because they’ve been done so much recently.

Farmhouse décor from five or six years ago is looking worn and cliché at this time, but the design as a whole can still feel relevant if some tweaks are made (looking at you, shiplap).


In 2022, how can I decorate my house?

A good first impression is everything, and interior designers anticipate that our houses’ entryways, especially foyers and mudrooms, will garner a lot of attention in the year ahead. “Fun in the foyer is one of my favorite new trends for 2022,” says HMS Interiors designer Hillary Stamm. Your home’s foyer is the first place visitors will notice, so don’t be afraid to make it stand out! Try to create a stylish but pleasant atmosphere by including vintage carpets, books, and baskets.

When it comes to decorating, “no place is too little for a royal touch,” says designer Killy Scheer of Scheer and Co. A few years ago, our clients were more daring in the powder room, but today we’re seeing creative ideas in closets, utility rooms, entryways and other places where we spend a lot of time.




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