The 7 Best Bathroom Window Treatment Concepts for Summer 2022

Window treatments for the bathroom don’t have to be drab and dreary. With these concepts, you’ll have the best of both worlds: privacy and elegance.

Window Treatments for Bathrooms that Let in Natural Light

To add a dash of elegance to your bathroom, full-length curtains are an excellent option. A standalone tub is surrounded by light, airy drapes in this opulent spa bathroom. The openness of this bathroom is preserved despite the addition of light-blocking white blinds.

For a fraction of the price, you can get identical bathroom window treatments. Consider these water- and mildew-resistant white blinds and sheer outdoor drapes.

Aspects of Lighting

For the best of all worlds, use these cordless, top-down/bottom-up cellular blinds. Lower the lower portion of the window cover while raising the top of the shade to let in more natural light.

Traditional corded blinds expose the lower window first, which is not suitable for a bathroom, especially in the winter. Colors like gray, green, and many others can be found in the same cellular shades used here. Outdoor blinds are an excellent option.

Frosted Glass in a Bathroom

In the privacy stakes, tinted or frosted windows are a good option. Purchase new windows this way if you’re doing a new installation. If you don’t have frosted window film, you can install it later. Decorative elements can be found in several films. The top pane of a double- or single-hung window is generally left unfrosted.

These bathroom window treatments are easy to put together.

For a variety of reasons, horizontal blinds are a popular bathroom window treatment. You can get them in moisture-resistant materials like imitation wood or vinyl, and they’re simple, adaptable, and long lasting. The brown faux wood blinds look great with the creamy marble tile, white tub, and white bathroom counter.

Curtains for the Bathroom Café

A café curtain is ideal for those with large windows who wish to allow in as much natural light as possible. Even while they look great in any room, these window treatments for bathrooms are especially well-suited to certain spaces.

They can be used on nearly any window, including those over sinks, behind toilets, and even next to bathtubs. Grommet-embedded café curtains in the same shade of white are a good match.

With Green Roman Shades

With green bathroom décor, pearly white bathtubs, toilets, and sinks seem expensive. It’s all about the green in the bathroom: a green vanity, green hues, and green tiling. Add humidity-loving plants to your bathroom décor to complete the look. The opulent feel of these green Roman shades can be added to any bathroom.

Modern Shutters with Louvered Paneling and Roman Shade

This bathroom has a Southern feel thanks to the use of faux wood interior shutters and center tilt rods. Light-blocking Roman shades in a vibrant green design tie the white shutters and green tiling together. Using these shutters, you can adjust the amount of light in your home while still ensuring privacy.

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