The Benefits of Interior Shutters for Your Colorado Springs Home

Interior shutters offer a classic look and infuse any room with functional beauty. Their benefits reach far beyond adding a statement piece to the home. Shutters are made in a variety of materials and finishes and fit seamlessly into any décor, whether historic or contemporary. Originally, shutters were made of wood and were solely used to keep the sun out of homes in hot environments.

With ever advancing technology, shutters are now made out of innovative materials and offer multi-functionality. You can expect the following benefits when installing interior shutters in your home:

7 Benefits of Interior Shutters for Your Colorado Springs Home

Reduce Energy Costs

Similar to the classically functioning plantation shutters of the 1800s, modern day shutters still are a great way to keep the scorching midday sun at bay. Nowadays, they also keep controlled air in. They create an additional layer of insulation for your windows and prevent the comfortable air in your home from slipping through the cracks. On colder nights, this insulation works to eliminate drafts and keep heat inside the home as well.

Windows and doors are responsible for up to 25% of a home’s controlled air loss, causing your energy bills to rise. Don’t over work your air conditioning unit, keep utility bills down with an extra layer of energy efficient shutters.

Filter Light in a Number of Ways

Indoor shutters operate by rotating the louvers to adjust the angle of the blinds. Colorado Springs shutters come in a variety of styles, from single panel, to double panel, to café style, and you have full control over how much light is let in, and in which direction the light shines. Sunlight filtered downward can reduce glare on TV and computer screens, and sunlight filtered upward casts light throughout the whole room.

Open them to any width you choose to control the amount of light coming in. You choose the hinge placement of your shutters to determine which way they will open, so you can let the sunlight in while still enjoying privacy in your home.

Easy to Clean and Reduce Allergens

Cleaning shutters is as easy as wiping them down on one side, reversing the angle, and wiping the other side. Unlike blinds, which require some scrubbing, and most likely removing them from the window to do so, shutters take just a few minutes of your time. Because they are so easily cleaned and less porous than drapes, they don’t collect allergens like dust and pet hair as readily.

Add Value to Your Home

Colorado Springs shutters look like high-end window treatments but are usually much more inexpensive than designer draperies. They increase the value of your home by adding a “wow” factor and energy efficiency to each window. The best part is, they look beautiful from inside and outside the home, so your home also gains great curb appeal.

Add Protection to Your Windows

Colorado interior shutters are free from cords and strings, which can be a hazard to children and pets. They offer rigid protection against damage to the windows as well. They can stand up to a charging pet or haphazardly thrown toy better than blinds do. Shutters last much longer than most window treatments, and a good quality shutter will protect your windows for many years.

Easily Updated and Customized

Colorado Springs wooden shutters come in virtually unlimited color choices to match the décor of any home. They can be stained to match the furniture in your home, or painted in an accent color. If you decide to change the theme of a room, you can easily sand and repaint shutters to match. Because they’re so easy to update, this also adds to the resale value they bring to your home. Material is even customizable. Shutters can come in strong, lightweight hardwoods or durable, energy efficient Plywood.

Premium poly finishes will be just as paintable as hardwood, and will have a baked-on coating that won’t crack or chip. Shutters come in multiple sizes and styles, so whether you like the look of single panel shutters with large louvers, or double hung shutters with narrow louvers, the choice is yours.

Resistant to Fading and Damage

Wood and Polywood shutters are much more resistant to fading and discoloration than their cloth counterparts. Treated materials are made to be resistant to cracking, warping, and buckling as well, and can handle daily use much better than regular blinds. With proper design and installation, you won’t have to worry about shutters “sagging” on their hinges like cheap brands tend to do. Many manufacturers offer warranties on their shutters as well, guaranteeing protection against the elements.

If you would like to learn more about how your home can benefit from interior shutters, give Colorado Springs Custom Blinds & Shutters a call, or browse our website. You will have a personal appointment with the owner to design your dream-home custom shutters. All of our products are manufactured in the USA, our shutters right here in Colorado Springs, and are of the highest quality.

Why Choose Interior Shutters for Your Colorado Springs Home?

Colorado Springs homeowners have a unique opportunity to improve their home’s aesthetics and energy efficiency with the use of interior shutters. Quality interior shutters not only provide added beauty to any room, but they also help insulate your home preventing heat loss in the cold winters and providing shade from the summer sun. Shutters are also extremely resilient against everyday wear and tear, satisfying customers with their longevity compared to other window treatments.

Lastly, window shutters offer customizable styles that blend seamlessly into any design scheme you want for your Colorado Springs home. Interior shutters allow you to choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials so you can create a design perfect for your individual tastes and needs.

Measuring and Installing Interior Shutters

Measuring and installing interior shutters can be a great way to add an extra layer of style and personalization to your space. One important factor to consider when taking measurements is the size of the window opening, as that will determine which size of shutters you should purchase. Additionally, it’s a good idea to add 1/2 inch to both the height and width measurements, in order to ensure proper clearance when the shutters swing open and closed.

Furthermore, all mounting hardware should be included in whichever model you buy, and it’s beneficial to assemble each separate component before installation lest you encounter any undue complications along the way. With a bit of effort, measuring and installing interior shutters can be done quickly and efficiently.


Are interior shutters out of style?

In the recent years, interior shutters have been making a big comeback in the home decor industry. There is no one, definitive answer to the question of whether or not interior shutters are in style. It all comes down to personal taste and style choice. Shutters provide an open, timeless and classic look to any space they’re used in while offering control over sunlight and privacy. Those who are looking for a laid-back, rustic vibe might opt for wood shutters which can be customized and painted or stained in any color.

For those seeking something more updated, many companies now carry shutters made up of aluminum or vinyl that can fit even the most modern of interior designs. The bottom line is, it’s difficult to go wrong when choosing interior shutters for your home!

What is the difference between plantation shutters and interior shutters?

Plantation shutters and interior shutters are similar in many ways, but there are some key differences to be aware of. Plantation shutters typically feature oversized louvers that can range from two-and-a-half to four and a half inches, while interior shutters have smaller, narrower louvers. This gives them a more traditional appearance compared to the modern look of plantation shutters.

Furthermore, plantation shutters tend to hang outside the window frame, while interior shutters usually lie within the window frame. Both styles come in a variety of materials such as natural wood or vinyl and allow for adjustable levels of light, privacy and insulation – making them an ideal addition to any home.

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